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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Anthem for Bangaloreans - Who let the dogs out?

When my sister was new to Bangalore, a decade back, I had asked her “How is Bangalore?” She replied “Bangalore is beautiful. Here, there is a plethora of two things!” Curiously I asked “What’s that?” She said “Software Engineers and Stray Dogs!”

The same situation prevails today. The dog described better as Man’s Best Friend or the Most Faithful Species in the Earth has become a menace. Every lane in Bangalore, stray dogs are in profusion. Looks like they are settling scores with their fellow populace (read Software Engineers)! Attacks by dogs have become the order of the day. Lots of cases are reported daily but seems like nothing is being done about it.

PETA or rather Ms M Gandhi considers it as a criminal offence if the stray dogs are killed, but is it worth keeping them when they can hurt and harm other inhabitants as well? In an era, where doctors recommend Euthanasia for a terminally ill patient, its time to realize and recognize that by killing a stray dog we are indeed palliating its contemptible life!

Do you want the current anthem to remain forever? I want to hear your say!


Anonymous said...

Who we are to decide what lives are contemptible and need "palliating"? So many people lead miserable lives. Would you recommend the same solution for them?

whoami said...

Good question and a good try to corner me :) Anyways! If I am leading a stray life, I better die than be a nuisance for others!

Anonymous said...

I am not the same 'Anonymous' as the previous post - just lazy to sign in - call me Anonymous2. Theoretically, all living things are equal and blah blah, but in a world where a woman of the human species is not treated in a similar manner as the man, the above statement about all living things being equal does not hold water. If stray dogs are a threat to humans, they have to be 'taken care of'. People will kill them if they aren't dealt with in another manner. The Anonymous person who has a problem with that better give a solution (doesn't even have to be immediately feasible) rather than questioning the acts of folks who worry about their loved ones being bit by stray dogs. About euthanasia, hmm - I haven't given a thought to it. Let me think and get back later.

whoami said...

Lazy to sign in? I can’t take it!
Is there any way to deal with the stray dogs?

Anonymous said...

Well, i guess the best way would be catch all those dogs and put them in a kennel of sorts, city pound or something like that. But i certainly don't agree with killing off the dogs, why take something that you can't give?. :)

whoami said...

Alright! Accepted.