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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Concerns of a Clueless Citizen

Last 3 days have been horrendous. There are no words to describe the trauma that the financial capital had to go through. It exposed the gullibility of out security measures and the lack of concern from our so called democratic government. I salute those brave soldiers for their chivalrous act and my sincere and heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families.

The coverage and courage of the media need to be lauded but they did go overboard sometimes by giving contradicting reports about the number of death tolls, number of terrorists etc. One news channel reported about Israel going to sever ties with India because of the way the NSG carried out its operation at Nariman House. To the government of Israel, how should it be carried out?

Another news channel carried information about “disturbed” Amitabh Bachan having to sleep with a gun under his pillow. So what? He has his best brother, his savior Mr Amar Singh. By the way, where was Mr Singh? Went into a shell or were you discussing how to politicize this entire terror tamasha?

There was long silence from our very much erudite Prime Minister, Mr Manmohan Singh and our very own home minister, Mr Shivraj Patil. What were they waiting for? Mrs Sonia Gandhi to give a green signal? Where was our “mute” President? (Oh, I forgot her name!!!). Is she aware that Mumbai is a part of this subcontinent called India?

Mr Narendra Modi, I didn’t know that life of an officer is only worth one crore!!! What about those innocent souls who were held hostage and killed by terrorists? Mr L K Advani, thanks for visiting Mumbai and blaming the intelligence. We are aware that the intelligence did not even have a clue that a mission of this intensity is being planned out in some other part of the world. Well, Mr Raj Thackeray, you must be a completely relieved person, for the terrorists had flushed out more non Indians (read non Maharashtrians).

This year, India has been a target for large number of terror attacks. But what measures have been taken for a secure future? It was appalling sight to see Mumbai policemen trying to encounter the loaded terrorists with lathis!!! 5 star hotels like Taj and Trident should be having a decent security, but how come these terrorists were able to infiltrate with arms and ammunitions without being caught? They came by boat from Karachi, but how come our Naval radar could not capture it? How are we sure that the entire terrorists behind the attacks have been killed? It’s quite possible that they dressed themselves as hostages and escaped unhurt.

What’s going to be the outcome of this episode? Is it going to be another such incident which will be forgiven, forgotten and wrapped up by so called Mumbai spirit? It’s not only Mumbai, in fact any city or town in India is vulnerable. Can a citizen like you and I move around without fear of unwarranted death?

It’s time for us to awake, arise and make India a place “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high” as indited by Rabindranath Tagore.

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Divya Venugopal said...

Excellent write up roping in all the aspects that made the 3 Mumbai days a nightmare