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Friday, November 21, 2008

To Sir With Love by E.R Braithwaite

It’s a good read and I must say few sections really caught my attention.

“Don’t fall into the habit of bringing work home. It indicates a lack of planning, and you would eventually find yourself stuck indoors every night”.

It hit the nail on the head. I bring work home and find myself stuck indoors most of the times. I am now trying to break that shackle and explore the world outside.

The next appealing snippet is dedicated to all the populace who is or will be teacher.

“Teaching is like having a bank account. You can happily draw on it while it is well supplied with new funds; otherwise you’re in difficulties.

Every teacher should have a fund of ready information on which to draw; he should keep the fund supplied regularly by new experiences, new thoughts and discoveries, by reading and moving around among people from whom he can acquire such things.”

I need to watch the movie, provided I get the CD. Hope it does full justice to the book.

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Potter said...

The movie came many times on tv. Watchout for Zee studio and Pix on weekends. You can watch it provided you dont bring work home for the weekend :)