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Monday, November 24, 2008


Weekends always have been days to be spent with my nephew, my little toddler. But this weekend he was not around, so I decided to devote these two days for friends, fun, frolic and films.

On Saturday, H, M, A & I gave lunch a miss to watch a movie at Inox, Swagath Garuda Mall, Jayanagar. Because of A's perpetual custom of being always on phone, we missed the first 5 minutes of the movie. Anyway, the movie was worth the skip over as well as the penny spent.

On the evening, the ex-lunch gang decided to meet up for dinner. I had moved out from the organization a way back while the others continue to be a part of it. Though we have been in constant touch through mails and mobile, it’s been months, rather years since I had met most of them. The decided venue and time was Ebony on the 13th Floor at Barton Center, M G Road at about 7pm. Blot from the blue was that everyone showed up on time. Time brings a lot of professionalism in people. I must say, if this get together was organized a few years back, nobody would have turned up till half past eight. We had three good hours of ingestion, conversation and discussion before parting ways at 10.30pm.

We decided to meet again when there would be an additional member in the group and that day is not too far away. 22nd November was one of the most satisfying and soul-stirring Saturday that I ever had this year.

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