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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Biggest Mistake Of My Life

I just completed reading the book “the 3 mistakes of my life” by Chetan Bhagat only to realize that I have done the biggest blunder of my life.

The 3 mistakes of my life would be recapitulated as

1) Buying the book
2) Reading it
3) Now, reviewing it

People who have already read and appreciated the book, I salute you. People who have already read and share the same feelings as mine, I sympathize with you. People who are planning to read, my sincere advice is to stay away from it.

To the author of “Five point someone”, I am totally dejected and disappointed reading your last two books.

Mr Agnihotri, are you listening? There is a scope for yet another “Hello”!!! Mr Bhagat, I guess its time for you pen your thoughts for some scrap Bollywood movies.

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